About Us

ALFA Register and Shipping offers its clients a complete package of services


ALFA REGISTER of SHIPPING serves as an independent institution operating between ship owners, builders, financiers, underwriters, flag administrations, and vessel charterers. ALFA REGISTER of SHIPPING knows that every vessel operator has unique needs so that is why we work closely with you to provide the expertise you need, not the overhead you don't.

As the international maritime community moves toward uniform standards as well as safety equivalencies, ALFA REGISTER of SHIPPING still values the personal relationship with its clients over a one-size-fits-all approach. Our mission is to ensure the preservation of life, property, and the marine environment. We accomplish this through impartial surveys and certifications to ensure a vessel is in compliance with established national and international rules and regulations. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) permits flag administrations to delegate the inspection and certification of ships to a Recognized Organization (RO) and Recognized Security Organizations (RSO).

As such, ALFA REGISTER of SHIPPING is recognized to verify same vessel's compliance with international and national statutory regulations, through our worldwide coverage.Our company maintains independent technical requirements for the design, construction, and survey of ships and marine facilities. These requirements incorporate the latest methods, tools, and techniques to ensure that we provide the most efficient and thorough service. ALFA REGISTER of SHIPPING's periodic class surveys enable its customers to maximize their vessel's operational capability while ensuring risks to life, property, and the marine environment are minimized.

Whether you seek to register and certify an existing vessel, transfer class from another society, certify compliance with international regulations, or simply improve operational performance, ALFA REGISTER of SHIPPING has the experise, technical staff and professional experience to deliver results.


Preparation of technical specification.


ALFA Register of Shipping provides its clients with optimal services. Our company consistently reviewa our operating activities to ensure continuous improvement..

Preparation of drawings & documents for class approval.


ALFA Register of Shipping and HELIX Maritime Services believes in keep innovating and improving in order to provide its clients with the best value added, reliable services.

Co-ordination with class for conducting inclining experiment.


We implement new technologies to protect life, property, as well as the marine environment and are committed to using the best tools and techniques in the industry.

Preparation of stability booklet and longitudinal strength calculation.


Our management team is made up of leading industry experts with specialized training. This permits us to provide best-in-class value at an independent cost structure.